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„We all can do our part for a better world.”

Hans-Martin Schempp

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The Vision

“One World Family” – an initiative of the employees of MAKRO-MEDIEN-DIENST - is a platform for new, creative ideas and concepts for a better world in peace and in harmony with wonderful diversity, free from racial, cultural and religious barriers, free from violence, hunger and discrimination. A world, where all “family members” take responsibility for the welfare of their fellowmen and all creation within their means and possibilities. A world where we have learnt to come from confrontation to cooperation with peaceful, constructive and creative relationships.

Hans-Martin Schempp
and Initiator ONE WORLD FAMILY


Kick-off-Event 20.10.2010

We asked thousands of children about their ideas, their wishes and their vision for a world they would really love to live in. The response was incredible and the idea was born to have them present these ideas to the elders and decision makers of society at an event in the Europa Theme Park Rust, Southern Germany, on 20th October 2010. Numerous well-known artists accompanied the children, medias including TV were present to spread the “news” and the UNESCO, represented by its special Ambassador Dr. Ute-Henriette Ohoven, was patron to this event and helped to make it a big success. The children released 3000 balloons carrying their wishes into the world so that they could be “heard” everywhere: “We want to be loved for what we are”, “We want to do what we really enjoy doing”, “All should have enough food”, “Everyone should have a home”, “All children should have a family”, “No child should have to work”, “Children should be able to learn what they love to learn” ...

Future Activities

One World Family will continue to create a series of worldwide global awareness festivals. The events will span the five continents and will take place in:

Australia – Sydney, Asia – Bangalore, Africa – Cape Town, North America – Washington D.C., South America – Buenos Aires, Europe – Stuttgart.


Is a non-party, non-denominational and a politically and ideologically independent initiative without economic interests.

There is a need to rise above conflicts and celebrate the differences.

The project name is concept and goal at the same time and each and every individual or organization is welcome to join, contribute to the event and help create a “One World Family”

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