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September 2013

Review One World Family Days - Symposium

It was the assembly of the presentable, the role models that met on Friday, September 13, 2013, for the first time in the ICS of the Messe Stuttgart. 

From the Philippines, Egypt, India, Canada, Kenya and other countries, the experts came to the ONE WORLD FAMILY Days – among them were well-known names such as Dr. Auma Obama, the sister of the American President, Chilean economist and pioneer of the "barefoot economics" Prof. Dr. Manfred Max-Neef, the Indian women's rights activist Krishnammal Jagannathan and the Austrian TV chef Sarah Wiener.
Many of them have achieved small miracles in their home countries - such as for example Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish. He developed a special method of irrigation. He succeeded in fact to win back over 70 hectares of desert from the landscape. Today he runs the largest biological farming complex in Egypt. He is an example for many other organic farmers, and he applied his method in other States long ago.
Amidst the interesting presentations of the speakers, there were a number of workshops and information booths. Among other things, the association ”welfare economics " told of his work on a new sustainable economic model and "ped - World" presented the "Project mist nets" This is captured in various regions of Africa with the help of large plastic nets, and water from the humid air fed into cisterns.
The speakers had the opportunity to delve into more detail of their work and stage presentation in a workshop and for interacting with the audience.
All in all, the ONE WORLD FAMILY Days Symposium was a great success. The participants went home inspired and stimulated: anyone can get involved and contribute their own personal part for a better world!









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