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September 2013

Reviw ONE WORLD FAMILY Days - Family Day

On Saturday , the 14th September 2013 , the ONE WORLD FAMILY Days went into their final round - a day that had an interesting and varied program of lectures, workshops and a great fun program encompassing the whole family .
The band 11WIEDU who are certified as UNICEF children's ambassadors, made the start with excellent live music.
Genuine Shaolin monks from a Berlin temple showed their skills on stage and made it possible for young visitors in several workshops for Qi Gong and Kung Fu, to feel like a Shaolin for themselves.
Furthermore, reported Felix Finkbeiner, initiator of the “Plant for the Planet " project , and the Canadian Ryan Hreljac ( "Ryan's Well Foundation " ) about their projects that they have already created as children in life. Both have already achieved incredible things. So, the “Plant-for -the-Planet Foundation " has planted more than 12 billion trees in 193 countries and Ryan Hreljacs Foundation has enabled access to clean drinking water and sanitation for more than 750 000 people.
The program was also enriched by the "African Royal Ballet Djiby Kouyate " from Mali, the well-known street worker Thomas Sonnenburg , " food sharing" founder Raphael Fellmer , as well as a live link to an orphanage in Nepal.


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